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The newly renovated Ngurah Rai International Airport is one of the best airports we have been to, thus, a transit in Bali is a lot more comfortable than in Jakarta. Information here will be updated as frequently as we travel to-and-fro Bali.

Domestic Terminal

Garuda takes up as many as 20 check-in counters.
So, if you want to queue at a really short time, fly domestic using Garuda.
Also, their planes feel steadier and a little safer than Wings Air & Lion Air.
Costs about SGD 60 / pax / way.

My Kopi-O is great for food before boarding. It is better than their Lombok outlet.
Es Teh Tarik is the best drink ever! Do not bother eating anything on short domestic flights especially the 50min one from Bali to Lombok.

Toilets are clean but be prepared to queue.

International Terminal

When Silkair charges ridiculously high (SGD600-800), I would fly KLM from Bali – SG.
Costs about SGD 200ish + Bali-Lom Garuda SGD 60ish = SGD 260/270 however, this cheaper alternative comes with a transit time of about 2-3hrs which will fly past quickly. I suggest not gunning for the 1hr transit time as Garuda can be tardy at times on Lombok side.

There are a lot of restaurants but I recommend parking your butt at the cafe, especially in one of their side booths as they have charging points (2 in fact!). Perfect for getting work done with alright coffee, light snacks if necessary and live music.

KLM is a much better flight than Silkair. At least for the tiny Asian:
– Leg room is made for Caucasians
– Food is tastier
– Movies & Entertainment on individual screens
– Charging point for your phone (bring your own cable please)

Fuck you, Silkair.
And my Krisflyer miles continue to remain abysmal . . .


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